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Over the past 10 years, many websites have been created to offer you a URLs shortening tool. These sites usually offer also a click monitoring dashboard as an additional paid package. Our core service, instead, is not link shortening but click monitoring! So all clicks analytics features are offered for free to our users.

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Other ways to monitor clicks

There are many ways to count and keep track of clicks on your links but just one is at the same time free, simple and immediate: Link Click Counter.

  • PHP + SQL: this solution requires good programming skills and has the disadvantage that you can only count clicks on your website. You cannot monitor clicks on URLs outside your domain. How it works: a new shorter URL is generated and stored with the original one in MySQL database. When that page is hit, it stores a hit count against that URL table entry before sending a browser redirect to the original URL. We implemented a similar solution in this website. You can search for more details about this solution on stackoverflow forum
  • Combination of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA): this solution is very effective. You could count all clicks on your URLs, monitor events and button hits even graphically on a Google Drive connected excel file. This solution is really time consuming and requires to set new triggers for each single URL that you need to monitor. Even this solution doesn't allow you to monitor clicks on URLs outside your domain.
  • Paid or freemium services: you can find many websites like goo.gl (discontinued) or bitly. They are good services focused on URL shortening, while our main scope is click monitoring. They usually require a premium account to unlock extra features like custom links creation or statistics time horizon extension. We continue expanding our features and offer a completely free service.
  • Free online services: Link Click Counter offers you a service focused on click monitoring. All the necessary technology is already implemented in our website so that you can easily paste your URLs and start monitoring in seconds. Our tool is totally free, reliable, secure and compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop.

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